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Italian law no. 62, 07/03/2001 about mastheads.

This site is not a masthead, as it is updated without any periodicity by the owner or by his agent. The purpose of this website is to provide food for thought to those wishing to enter the field of soul searching. This site is not responsible for the content of the links pointing to external sites, which have not any kind of cooperation or exchange relationship with this site, unless explicitly stated otherwise. For these reasons, this site can not therefore be considered an editorial product subjected to law no.62, 07.03.2001.

The visitors who use the form to request information or a contact are aware, through the "Copyright" page, that the information provided will be used in accordance with the Privacy Act, that the data will be sent in an unencrypted form with no SSL certificate. In addition, they are aware that any statement made on the site has no medical or curative claim of any sort, since it is only a personal reflection on possible personal choices made by the visitors themselves, of which they are totally responsible.

Since December 21th, 2012 the official website was definitively closed and today is merged into this site together with other sites that were present under the domain.


"Cookies" are small text files that are stored by visitors' browser on their computers, to recognize individual session settings for site pages, data form and any login, to perform statistical or, in several cases, to profile the visitors' preferences. This site uses cookies to store language choices and to make a general anonymous access statistics. Using third-party (Histats) statistics, some information, such as IP address or browser type, will be sent to Histats site; by clicking on the previous link visitors can read their policy. If visitors accept this site policy, the warning banner will not be shown for a year. Remember that through their browser, visitors can decide whether to accept cookies by both the visited site and third-party sites. It is necessary to point that, according to the EU Law on cookies and the Italian Legislative Decree 05/2011 and 69-70 / 2012, this site uses session cookies and third-party statistics.


For those who are looking for information on the Accademia delle Scienze e delle Arti degli Ardenti di Viterbo (it means “Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Fervents of Viterbo” but this is just a word by word translation, since there is no official English name), it is worth noting that no Regional Academy branch was or will be founded in Friuli Venezia Giulia, so there is no official address of the Academy itself in this Italian region. This choice is well explained in the personal pages of the site owner. Official references about the Academy can be found at the Minister for Cultural Assets and Activities and the Ministry Interior Affairs, while historical and cultural features can be found at the Ardenti library in Viterbo.


The owner of the site would like to thank the tutorial for the brilliant animated starry background, Mary Lou for the responsive menus and PhotoStack tutorials, Richard Mel for the data submission form, which was adapted to fit this site procedures and, for some images, the Boorp site and for reading text. He would like thank also Grazia Cavasino for the translations into English and the editing work and "Spiegel" for his linguistic suggestions.

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