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Since 2015 this site contains and summarizes the information coming from the previous sites under the domaim (Paolotoso, Artemidos, Linux, Academy, Spiritual ...) to offer a survey of how much Toso-Cavasino family has tried to achieve over the years in the field of inner search, information and culture.

Why the name “noGuide”?

The domain name effectively recalls the general rule of human inner search: no guide. While keeping this in mind, it is easy to understand that life, through situations and people, is our first and only true teacher, a teacher with no striking features, a teacher that needs no pay, a teacher that is better not to fool or tease. This teacher does not require any initiation or particular rites for its affiliates to show their decision to be engaged or to change, for any time is the perfect time to understand and grow. We can always chose between listening to its teachings or turning a deaf ear. In any case, we are always alone in our double status of students and teachers who meet every day. There may be fellow travellers whom to share our experiences with, however, the extent and the depth of our growth is entirely up to ourselves. In life, the first and only initiation happens at birth with the first cry, the last initiation and test happens at death with the last breath. In between, there is a fairly long grace period to get ready for the ultimate test. How we spend this period depends entirely on us: this site aims precisely to lay the basis for such a search.

Browsing the site

icona icona To be able to browse the site you must have a browser compatible with CSS3 and HTML5 with JavaScript enabled. Via the central main menu you will access the three menus on the sides of the window. Each sub-menu will take you to different topics. When accessing a page you have to close it by the "X" image appearing at the top on the right of each page. If you are using a smartphone and you find that browsing is difficult, you may return to the top of the page by clicking the arrow you find at the bottom on the right.
In order to enlarge the pictures, just zoom in on the page using CTRL + and CTRL- key. Use the printer icon to have a printed page with no graphics and the Union Jack icon, when present, to switch the language to English. Please note that translations are made in the spare time by just one person, so they will be posted when possible; hopefully all the pages which may be of international interest will be translated in due time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Are you visually impaired?

logo logo Finally, by the end of 2016, it was introduced a plugin for reading text for visually impaired users. We thank site for this valuable service and think in a good listening. In order to hear your text must select (highlight) the text with the mouse and the system will read the text. To stop is simply select a space.

Why were the previous sites closed?

In human lives they have always been cycles and although people are always busy to make their lives eternal, of him, what may last is simply a memory of a word, a smile or an idea, which the attached feelings tend to alter. Too often people love putting other people or ideas on a pedestal, which offers the advantage of requiring no other action than passive adoration. Yet, in order to be more realistic and responsible for one's own lives, putting off the pedestal would be more appropriate.
To prevent such idealization and future manipulations such as the erroneous habit of putting words and ideas into absent people's mouths, I chose to close the previous site and not to establish any academy and/or association. From the huge amount of pages of the previous site, already a condensate of more than a twenty-five years experience, I extracted only the general concepts that may be the first steps of a new inner path, which I present here on this site.

Inner path

In order to read the site and to fully understand what “inner search” means according to the author, please read “Paolo”, "History" and "Reflections" pages and use the inner links of the pages themselves, if present. Please take note that that some of these links will point to additional documents on other websites, which have no direct or indirect relationship with this site.

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